Berj Gatrjyan – Director
Tel: 060 61 2653

Main Responsibilities:

  • Directs and develops all AUA information and communication systems and infrastructure.
  • Develops and oversees AUA annual and long-term information and communication strategy and plan.
  • Develops and implements all AUA policies on networks, computers, audiovisual, and office equipment.
  • Manages all service requests from academic and administrative departments of the University.
  • Coordinates and oversees all IT and office equipment purchases.
  • Coordinates technical requests of facilities management and staff requirements for AUA and special events.
  • Coordinates Internet Service Providers for optimal service.
  • Prepares regular reports on Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Services operations.

Edvard Hakobyan- End User Support Manager
Tel: 060 61 2663

Main Responsibilities:

  • Manages computer and network hardware troubleshooting.
  • Supervises the planned maintenance of the AUA hardware.
  • Structured cabling.
  • Coordination of AUA Inventory database.

Aleksandr Nazaryan – Network Group Manager
Tel: 060 61 2656

Main Responsibilities:

  • Develop and implement new services installation and existing services maintenance policies.
  • Responsible for AUA Network design and improvement strategy.
  • Establish policies for AUA Network subnets creation and internal IP distribution.
  • Administer AUA servers and services.
  • Coordinate tasks to provide AUA Network security, reliability, troubleshooting.
  • Manage AUA Network security and backup strategy and policy.

Gayane Sargsyan – System Administrator
Tel: 060 61 2658

Main Responsibilities:

  • Administers AUA Internal Servers.
  • Supervises, maintains and troubleshoots AUA LAN equipment.
  • Administers wireless access points.

Yana Ghahramanyan – IT Specialist
Tel: 060 61 2654

Main Responsibilities:

  • Administers AUA student database and mailing lists on Windows and FreeBSD servers.
  • Administers AUA faculty and staff database and mailing lists on Windows server.
  • Administer user right assignments and quotas on academic and staff servers.
  • Controls all Servers backup process.

Eduard Antonyan – System/Audiovisual Engineer
Tel: 060 61 2664

Main Responsibilities:

  • Performs photo shooting and videorecording of the AUA events. Creates and maintains AUA video and photo-archive.
  • Services requests for LCD and overhead projectors as well as other audiovisual equipment.
  • Troubleshoots and repairs university printers.
  • Services AUA events.

Valery Stepanyan – System Administrator
Tel: 060 61 2033

Main Responsibilities:

  • Performs software troubleshooting of the AUA Center computers, electronic equipment and local network.
  • Supervises, maintains and troubleshoots AUA Center local network equipment.
  • Performs management and programming of the AUA Center PBX system.
  • Performs maintenance of microphones, voice reproduction and amplification as well as other special equipment in conference rooms.
  • Performs maintenance of simultaneous translation equipment in the conference rooms.

Felix Kostanyan – System Engineer (Multimedia)

Tel: 060 612771

Main Responsibilities:

  • Provides technical support of multimedia equipment in all auditoriums of AUA .
  • Provides technical support of simultaneous translation equipment.
  • Performs management, technical support and programming of the AUA PBX system .
  • Performs maintenance and technical support of AUA Fire/Alarm system .
  • Performs technical support of Audio Conference Systems in AUA .

Vahan Misakyan – End User Support Specialist
Tel: 060 61 2680

Main Responsibilities:

  • Performs hardware troubleshooting and repair of the university computers and other electronic equipment.
  • Installs new computers and other electronic equipment.
  • Installs and maintains university wireless network.
  • Performs structured cabling.

Edgar Markosyan – IT Specialist
Tel: 060 61 2784

Main Responsibilities:

  • Performs software troubleshooting of the university client computers.
  • Reveals and repairs software problems of the university client computers.
  • Installs new software and updates existing ones.
  • Configures e-mail, Internet, LAN settings on the university client computers.
  • Configures wireless settings on client laptops.

Karen Mkrtchyan – Hardware/Audiovisual Engineer
Tel: 060 61 2684

Main Responsibilities:

  • Services photography and video recording requests.
  • Services AUA events.
  • Services requests for LCD and overhead projectors as well as other audiovisual equipment.
  • Performs troubleshooting and repairs of analogue electronic equipment.


  • PAB building WiFi infrastructure redesign and coverage improvement
  • Skype to SIP gateway has been deployed. Now you can reach AUA by making Skype call to aua.am
  • VoIP GSM Gateway has been deployed
  • Google Drive for Education now has unlimited storage
  • AUA telephony system migration to VoIP has been completed in August 2014
  • Integrated Technology Classroom Usage Guideline is added
  • Car Booking system implemented
  • PaperCut print management system deployment for printing from Library and Labs
  • New proximity Student ID cards implementation
  • Google Apps for Education deployment, Migration to Google Mail for Staff, Faculty, Students and Alumni
  • Two training sessions conducted for Staff and Faculty related to Google Apps features
  • Two new labs for iBT tests establishment
  • IP cameras setup and live implementation in university labs
  • Upgrade of Moodle e-Learning@AUA application to version 2.5
  • Replacement of Kaspersky antivirus with avast! Endpoint Protection Suite
  • 24 August 2012 - AUA new website went live!
  • AUA Internet bandwidth increased up to 25Mb
  • Wi-Fi connection is already available in AUA Main building
  • Room booking system implemented
  • AUA new website development in progress