Printing Overview

AUA use a print quota management system called PaperCut for network printing from lab and library computers.

Print jobs cost AMD15 per page for single-sided black & white printouts or AMD20 per page for double-sided black & white printouts (a 33% discount).

Students are given a monetary credit in their PaperCut account.

The print quota granted each semester to full time degree seeking students is AMD3,750. That is equivalent to 250 single-sided black & white printouts but can be used in any combination of printouts.

Non-degree / part time students are granted AMD1,500 (100 single-sided black & white printouts) print quota for each semester.

Unused print quotas will carry over from fall into spring semester. The quotas will be reset at the end of the academic year.

Print jobs will cease when your quota is exhausted.

Additional quota can be purchased from the Accounting Office or with the help of Library Circulation Desk (via Payments Terminal) during regular working hours.

After logging in to the computer, a small window will appear in the upper right side of your screen where you can see your current printing balance. Click the “Details…” link to check your balance or see information about your printing. You will be redirected to your PaperCut account portal. If you close this popup  window, an icon still will be shown in the system tray.

When you print a document in the computer lab or library it doesn’t automatically release job on the printer. You must either release the print job from computer, after login to your PaperCut account portal, or to approach the printer and release your print job using your Student ID card .

When you release your print job, the cost of printed pages will be deducted from your PaperCut account funds.

If you have questions about PaperCut or printing on campus, please send email to ICTS HelpDesk,, or visit ICTS department.


  • PAB building WiFi infrastructure redesign and coverage improvement
  • Skype to SIP gateway has been deployed. Now you can reach AUA by making Skype call to
  • VoIP GSM Gateway has been deployed
  • Google Drive for Education now has unlimited storage
  • AUA telephony system migration to VoIP has been completed in August 2014
  • Integrated Technology Classroom Usage Guideline is added
  • Car Booking system implemented
  • PaperCut print management system deployment for printing from Library and Labs
  • New proximity Student ID cards implementation
  • Google Apps for Education deployment, Migration to Google Mail for Staff, Faculty, Students and Alumni
  • Two training sessions conducted for Staff and Faculty related to Google Apps features
  • Two new labs for iBT tests establishment
  • IP cameras setup and live implementation in university labs
  • Upgrade of Moodle e-Learning@AUA application to version 2.5
  • Replacement of Kaspersky antivirus with avast! Endpoint Protection Suite
  • 24 August 2012 - AUA new website went live!
  • AUA Internet bandwidth increased up to 25Mb
  • Wi-Fi connection is already available in AUA Main building
  • Room booking system implemented
  • AUA new website development in progress