Cloud and Network Storage

Is there a Network or Cloud space where I can safely store my files and access them from outside AUA?

AUA is using G Suite for Education cloud solution, a set of intelligent apps, where AUA community members (Students, Alumni, Faculty and Staff) have their personal Google Drive cloud storage.

You can keep your work files in Google Drive, easily access them from any device and share them instantly with anyone within AUA community.

Your AUA G Suite for Education account currently can use unlimited cloud storage!


What are the advantages of using cloud storage?

– Keep your documents safe
– Access your documents anywhere
– Share your documents easily
– Manage files versions


What should I do to start using Google Drive cloud storage?

Just sign in to your AUA Gmail, click on square dial pad displayed in top right corner of browser window and select Google Drive icon available in the list.


I don’t like to work online, with files located in cloud, but feel more comfortable to work with files located on my PC.

In that case you can download Google Drive desktop application, install it and and sign in using your AUA Gmail account credentials.

Google Drive integrates with Windows Explorer; files you are currently storing online in Google Drive cloud will be automatically downloaded to your computer’s Google Drive local folder and became available locally.

More importantly, you can work with your files located in you computer’s Google Drive local folder and all files you create or modify on your PC will be automatically and transparently to you synced back to Google Drive cloud, so that you will not have to worry about remembering to upload a file to always have latest version available online and accessible from other devices.

If you will face any difficulties while installing or configuring Google Drive desktop application on your office computer please contact ICTS department for assistance.


Well, all above information is about personal cloud storage. But I am interested in storage space accessible by my department / team members.

For network storage accessible by your department members you can request ICTS team to create shared folder on AUA file server. Shared folders located on file server can be accessed only from campus LAN, not from outside AUA.  You will be able to access AUA file server located department shared folder by typing \\ in Windows Explorer.

If you are interested to setup shared folder for your department please contact ICTS department for assistance.