Wireless Access

What areas of campus are covered by wireless network?

Wireless network is available in most areas of the Main building (Library, Classrooms, Auditoriums, Cafeteria) and Paramaz Avedisian building (Auditoriums, Classrooms).

Wherever wireless connection is available, you should find “AUA_WiFi” wireless hotspot and can connect to campus WiFi using your AUA username and password.


How do I get connected?

Refer to below listed guides to setup wireless connection on your mobile device:

In case of difficulties please visit ICTS Room #317M or #316M


How to Connect to Eduroam?

Eduroam wireless roaming network is available in AUA campus.
You can easily configure your mobile device to connect to “eduroam” wireless hotspot by visiting Configuration Assistant Tool page.


Which systems can I access once I’ve connected?

Once you are connected to WiFi network, using your username and password, you can browse the Internet and access systems which are accessible from Library or Labs desktop computers.