Printing on Campus

What is PaperCut?

PaperCut is a print management system that allows the university to track print jobs, equipment usage and generate reports that help manage the costs of printing on campus. It also allows for you, our students, to monitor your printing activities and quota.


Why does the university need it?

There is a significant cost associated with printing on campus. Without a tool to monitor and manage university printing it is difficult to properly budget the cost of providing technology services and support on campus.


Where I can release my print jobs?

Here is the list of campus network printers (Location: PRINTER_NAME) on which students can release their print jobs:

  • MB, Library: LIBRARY_HP_M631
  • MB, Library: LIBRARY_HP_M527
  • MB, Basement Lab #001M: LAB_001M
  • MB, Basement Lab #004M: LAB_004M


Will I have to pay for all printing on campus?

No, each enrolled student will have a print quota applied to their PaperCut account.


What is a “print quota?”

Every semester each full time enrolled student receives AMD3,750 print quota from the university to be used for printing on any printer in the PaperCut system. After this initial allotment is exhausted, a student can add additional credit to their account to cover any additional printing.

Non-degree / part time students are granted AMD1,500 print quota  per semester.


How do I login to PaperCut to check my quota?

When logged into a computer in a lab or library, click on the “Details” link of the PaperCut window. From a web browser, login to PaperCut with your AUA username and password.


How many pages is AMD3,750 worth?

The AMD3,750 print quota is equivalent to 250 single-sided black & white printouts  but can be used in any combination of printouts. Print jobs will cost AMD15 per page for single-sided black & white printouts, or AMD20 per page for double-sided black & white printouts (a 33% discount).


Is there any restrictions set on printing jobs ?

Yes, currently there are 2 restrictions set on single print job that can be released –  20 pages per single job, 1 copy per single job.


How do I know what it costs to print a page?

When you are logged into your PaperCut account, the “Rates” page details the per page cost for all printers in the system. Printing rates are also mentioned on AUA Library web site.


I have a heavy course load this semester. Is it possible to get more than AMD3,750?

AUA provides with some printing without charge for the students, which is covered by AMD3,750 print quota. After the initial credit is exhausted, any additional printing costs will be the responsibility of the student.


What happens if I exceed my print quota? 

When a student’s print quota is exhausted, print jobs will cease. If you’ve used up all your credit, approach the Accounting Office (for cash payment) or the Library Circulation Desk (for assistance with paying via Payments Terminal) to top-up your PaperCut account.


What should a student do if they need to print over the weekend or after business hours but their print quota is exhausted?

Additional print quota can be purchased anytime the Library is open. Operating hours can be found here.


If a student needs to print, but doesn’t have the funds to add to their account, is there a way for them to “Print now and Pay later?”

Not at this time.


How soon after adding funds to my account can I continue printing?

Credit appears on your PaperCut account immediately after the Accounting Office or the Library Circulation Desk staff credits your account.


At the end of the semester is it possible to get a report of my printing usage for that semester?

Yes, you can log into your PaperCut account and access your print job history. You will be able to either export or print it for your reference. If you need assistance, contact the ICTS HelpDesk.


How can I get a statement to prove I had a positive balance?

Please contact the ICTS HelpDesk with questions related to PaperCut balance disputes.


What happens with my PaperCut print quota at the end of each year?

The quota for undergraduate and graduate students is set to zero at the end of each academic year. PaperCut balances are not carried over to future years or refunded.


I didn’t use all of my University print quota. Can I get a cash refund?

No. The print quota is not a grant. It is simply an agreement that the University will pay for up to AMD3,750 of printing each semester, should you need it. If you don’t use any or all of the allowance, no payment is made.


Whom to approach if  I have difficulties with printing, e.g. account balance is not refilled or my print job failed  to print?

Send email to ICTS, [email protected], or visit ICTS department.


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